Monday, October 24, 2011

36 weeks 6 days

Update on Baby/Laura:
I'm still here, still pregnant which is a good thing! I'm feeling OK. Still having contractions, some are worse than others, but still nothing to worry or be concerned about.
I met Dr Scott today. She is the Dr that will be delivering the baby for me, now that Dr Gaetze has left for the Holy Land. She is a very nice lady & I am very happy to be in her care! We had a great visit this morning. The baby is doing well, measuring right on, & his or her heart rate was 145bpm. I am up 2 pounds, so I'm now 1 lb heavier than when I got pregnant. My BP was good today, but is starting to creep up. I'm still on bed rest, but am still able to work 3 - 4 hrs per day which continues to be my saving grace! No changes there.
Now for the BIG news that everyone has been waiting for, ESPECIALLY me!!!! Unless God has a different plan, the delivery is now scheduled for..........

~ ~ ~ Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 ~ ~ ~

I was hoping for the week before, but the longer the baby can remain inside, the better for the both of us. Oh well, what's waiting 7 more days right?!?!

Mollie, Ava & Elleh are excited for the baby, and now that we have a date, we're going to make a chain for them to help put things into perspective. They will get to pull off a link each night until the date! I have my stuff, and the babies stuff ready to go, now to get the girls' stuff ready for Grandma's house! I think that project will be the weekend before. I think I'm going to try to make some meals to freeze this weekend. Sounds like it's going to be a good weekend to start the oven & heat the house!

We'll keep you all posted! Thanks for the love & prayers!

Friday, October 21, 2011

36 Weeks 3 days

Still here. Still pregnant. That's a good thing. At least that's what I'm trying to convince myself of. Not to complain, there are people out there that have it much worse than I do, but I really wish that I had just a little bit more room! I'm to the point where I'm uncomfortable 100% of the time, I'm not sleeping worth a hoot, and every time I eat, I feel sick to my stomach. Hope no one thinks I'm a bad person when I say that I'm glad to know that this is the last time I will be doing this! I love the kids that God gave me. They are my world, but I really don't care to be pregnant EVER again. I have never understood those women who LOVE being pregnant. I used to enjoy feeling movement, but I don't enjoy that anymore either. It's seems to be constant, and it is literally painful. Oh well, as my dad keeps saying, the minute this baby is born & I hold him or her, it will all be worth it!
I'm going to try to get some things done over the weekend with the help of my mom, so that I feel a bit more prepared & ready. The rest of the weekend will be spent laying down. They say that it's going to be nice this weekend. Might have to pull out the reclining lawn chair & enjoy.
Monday is my next appointment. I'll keep everyone posted.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby/Laura Update 36 weeks, 2 days

Hi Everyone,
I am really horrible about making sure that I make phone calls or send e-mails to let everyone know how I'm doing & what's going on. I know that you are all wondering & are concerned and praying for us & I really appreciate it. The prayers have worked so far, Thank you. That being said, I am going to make it a point to update this Blog as often as I know anything. I'm shooting for daily, but we'll see what happens. I will try to remember to send out an e-mail to let you know I've posted. If you see that there is someone that should be included, that I don't have on the e-mail, please share the link to the blog for me. Here goes what I will try to make a brief Blog, but yet update you on everything.
As most of you know, Mollie got sick on September 6th & was hospitalized a week later for a week. We took her home on a Friday & got a call from Char, our daycare provider, that we needed to come & get Elleh because she was sick. She was sick for a week, then Rob & I got it. I ended up getting really dehydrated, and after 2 different trips to the hospital for fluids, they put me in so that they could get me re hydrated & try to keep me from going into pre-term labor. I was admitted on Wednesday the 28th of September and was able to go home on Saturday, October 1st. After that, we all seemed to get over the bug. Due to the dehydration and the loss of 11 pounds, I started having contractions and was put on bed rest when I was released from the hospital. I have not had much fun with that & have to admit that I'm not the most honest patient when it comes to that. I try really hard, but laying around doing NOTHING all day everyday was starting to drive me NUTS!! There's only so much daytime junk to watch on TV, I have read all my magazine's, and made all kinds of lists. The hardest part is when the girls' come home & want me to play barbies or babies & I'm not able to. So instead, we read lots of stories & color. My parents let me borrow their laptop, and Rob got the wireless router hooked up, so I am able to "surf" the Internet & dad has saved some stuff for me to do & I'm able to work from home to kill some time. I have been seeing my Dr every week since I was released from the hospital. I was finally able to convince her to let me go to work for 3 hours a day, which is so nice! I get off the couch & out of the house for a little bit each day, and get to go the the office so that dad gets a break each day also. I'm probably better off at the office anyway, but for medical reasons, she will only let me be up for 3 - 4 hours a day. Hey.... I'm not complaining. I'll take everything I can get. At my appointment on Tuesday, Dr Gaetze put me on the monitor as usual. The baby's heart rate was in the high 130's to low 140's with accelerations into the 160's which is great. He or she moves around quite a bit & according to the Dr, is very happy. I was having contractions about every 2 minutes that were about 30 seconds in length. My blood pressure is starting to creep up, it was 129/82, which is still GREAT for me, but creeping up from where it was. I still weigh 2 lbs less than before I got pregnant, but according to Dr Gaetze, the baby is growing & taking everything it needs to be healthy before I get it, so the baby is doing fine which was my main concern. She did tell me that if I go into labor on my own, anytime from here on out, she won't do anything to stop it. If that happens, I'm to get to the hospital ASAP & she will meet me there to deliver. So, anytime from here on out, there could be a baby whenever God decides it's time for him or her to make their debut.
Dr Gaetze is leaving for the Holy Land next week, and won't be back until the 14th of November, so I won't see her again until after the baby is here. I have a very good recommendation, and will be seeing Dr Scott on Monday next week. At that time, we plan to schedule the c-section, sometime around 38 - 39 weeks, if the baby doesn't decide it's time before that. I'm really hoping to make it to 38 or 39 weeks. The more time inside, the healthier the baby will be. As soon as we have something set, I will let everyone know & hopefully, things go as planned.
Thank you so much for all the thoughts & prayers. We really appreciate them!
I have to say a HUGE thank you to Rob. He has been absolutely AMAZING through all of this. What a trooper. He has put up with my emotions, getting me through everything, has taken care of the girls with flying colors, cleaned, scoured, disinfected our house from top to bottom, cooked meals, done laundry, given up opening weekend of pheasant hunting season, you name it, he's done it and still tells me how much he loves me & how beautiful I am. What a guy! I am so truly blessed. I also have the best family & friends in the whole wide world. You guys are the best & I love you all so much!! Thank you to those who have brought us meals also. It's been a HUGE help!
I'll do my best to keep you all posted from here on out. I promise!
Love to you all~