Friday, March 18, 2011

Yummy Pasta

If you haven't tried the new Philly Cooking Creams, I highly recommend that you do! I had seen them on TV, in magazine ads & had a coupon for $1.00 off. I decided that I would try them. I went to the grocery store, and they were out. I went back a few days later and they were still out. After a few weeks of trying, I finally got my hot little hands on some. I picked up the Garlic and the Classic one.
I decided to try the Garlic one first. I cooked some shrimp in a bit of olive oil, then added some bacon (fully cooked & cut into small pieces), peas, diced tomatoes, penne pasta (cooked & drained) & the cooking sauce. I heated all of it until it was heated all the way through. We had the pasta & some garlic toast for supper. The kids asked for seconds (which DOES NOT happen at our house) and Rob had the leftovers for lunch. They all raved about how great it was. It made me feel wonderful, and was super easy to prepare.
I now know why it was so hard to get my hands on some. It's a meal that we will be repeating!