Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At least I'm consistant!

Oh Lord. I'm awful at this. Here's an update on the Brown's, what we've been up to, what we're doing & what we're going to do.

Rob: He & a bunch of our really GREAT friends put a new roof on the house this Spring. They worked against the weather & had it done in no time. It looks great! Professional even.
Rob was in Waterloo IA last week for his annual work convention, so I was single momin' it. Boy am I glad to have him home. (Even if he did send me a picture of him with his arm around another woman. Long story short, he thought that she looked just like me. Even spit out the liquid he had in his mouth when he saw her I guess.) He got to meet Ron from NBC's Biggest Loser & a guy from TLC's The Little Couple.
He (maybe I should say that I have) has all kinds of projects for him to do around the house. A fence, sandbox, landscaping, new tile on the foyer, etc... Hopefully we can get it all done.

Mollie: She's getting ready to celebrate her 6th Birthday & is very excited about it. She has decided to have a Fancy Nancy Party, and has invited all of the girls from her class & Girl Scouts. I'm hoping it's nice out so that we can have her party outside.
She finished Kindergarten and is officially a 1st Grader. At dinner on the last night of school, I looked over & she was crying. I asked what was wrong & she was sad because she wouldn't be able to see Mrs Andresen for the whole summer. She really liked her teacher which made me feel really good. Mrs Andresen had taken pictures of the kids all year & made a video for them. She gave each of the kids a copy to take home. It's really cute. Mollie watched it EVERY night for the first 2 weeks after school got out.

Mollie's a busy girl this summer. She had bible school, swimming lessons, Leif Ericson Daycamp, golf, play dates & birthday parties. The summer is going to fly by for her.

Ava has been loving life to the fullest. She is into so much. I think she has the most fun seeing what she can find to get in trouble with. She has this crazy obsession with climbing into Char's Bay window. Gets her into trouble everytime. She started swimming lessons this summer & is having a great time. She wants to be outside every waking minute. I think she'd sleep outside if I let her.

Elleh: Celebrated her 1st Birthday at the beginning of May. She had a great time with the cake. Elleh decided that she had had enough of the crawling thing & decided that she was going to start walking the middle of May. It's pretty funny to see her trying to "run" to keep up with her older sisters. After 9 ear infections since the middle of February, Elleh finally got the tubes put in her ears. What a God send. She's been a different little girl ever since. Now if those darn molars would just push through! She loves to look at books, drag her baby around, and be outside. She really likes to swing & go for bike rides.

I have been busy chasing after the girls', and trying to help Rob with whatever projects he's tackeling. This week, we pulled everything out of Mollie & Ava's room & decided to paint & rearrange things. I'm not sure what gets into us sometimes, but oh well, here we go!

Dad decided that he misses Pierre entirely to much & decided that he wanted to go back. We had a Primary, June 8th. Let's just say he opened up a can of you know what on his opponents! So, now we're off to the General election in November. Wish us luck! Rob & I both have bicycles now, ans a trailer & seat for the back of my bike. Problem is that since we got everything, we haven't been able to go for a single bike ride! It's sunny & warm today, hopefully that will stick around for a while & we'll be able to break everything in.

David & Janet were able to make a quick trip back to Sioux Falls for her mother's 90th Birthday. We had a great visit. Mollie & Ava were very excited to see him.

We have 2 family reunions this year, one of them out in the Hills, so we're making a mini vacation out of that. I'm excited to take the girls out there. I think they will have a blast.

No babies yet, but both Jill & Rachel are doing well. Jill has been put on bed rest, but only to make sure that she stays pregnant. Both Jill & the babies are doing well.

I should get back to getting my list of "to-do's" done. I'll update again as soon as possible.