Thursday, November 19, 2009

WOO-HOO 2 Weeks in a row

Wow. I'm proud of myself. Posting 2 weeks in a row! I just jinxed myself!

Well, I survived my week as a single parent! I'm glad he got to go, and I'm happy he had a good time, I'm happy that he got his deer, (even if it is a bit small) but I'm even more happy that he's HOME! It's funny. I had these plans to get all kinds of scrapbooking done while he was gone & guess what.... I didn't even look at my scrapbooking! The house was cleaned, the kids were fed & bathed, I played referee & stopped LOTS of fights, played Barbies, Polly Pockets, little cars, beauty shop & read TONS of stories. Oh yeah, we watched a few movies too. UP is a great Disney/Pixar film. All 4 of us were really glad to have him home on Sunday night. I'm not sure who missed him more. Me or the girls! Now to plan a MOM's night out!!

Everything else is going well! Mollie has been busy with school. Her class is taking a field trip to one of the Nursing Homes next Tuesday. They will be singing some songs, (did you know that there's an Albuquerque Turkey?) reading some poems, and giving each of the residents a turkey that they made. Mollie finished hers last night. It was supposed to be a family project, but it turned out to be mostly mom & Mollie working on it.

Ava had a bit of a fever last night. I gave her some Tylenol & within a few minutes, the fever was broken & she was back to her ornery little self. We call her "Tink" for a reason!

Elleh is moments away from crawling. I haven't decided if she's going to crawl or walk first. She scoots backwards, hasn't figured out the forward part yet, but she would rather hold onto your fingers, stand up & try to move forward that way! Little stinker. I found out this morning, that if something is sitting in front of her, that she isn't supposed to have, and you push it just out of her reach, she gets mad. It's funny. "Ggggrrrrr" she says!

I'm trying to get a picture of the 3 of them for Christmas Pictures. That's easier said than done! I'll post some of the funny ones!

The holidays are right around the corner. I can't believe it! Thanksgiving next week, Christmas will be here before I know it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm AWFUL at this!

Hi Everyone,

So, I'm not Super woman. I sure get myself into a mess of things, thinking that I'll be able to accomplish everything & I'm proving very quickly that I can't. It's been forever since I've updated this Blog. (No thanks to my husband, who offered to help I might add. Haha)

First things first.....All of the Browns are doing very well & have managed to fend off the "plague". So far, knock on wood, we're all healthy. All 5 of us had the first dose of the H1N1 vaccine last Thursday. Elleh was the only one that had to have the shot, the rest of us were able to have the mist. What a relief! The kids have to have a 2nd dose in 30 days.

Here's a little update on each of us.

Rob~Work is going well. He's getting ready to head out to the Hills for Deer Hunting on Wednesday. He's so excited, he's worse than a kid on Christmas morning.

I'm working, trying to be a mom, & wife, doing Girl Scouts with Mollie and trying to keep up with everything in between. Two Fridays ago, I was able to go out with my friend Michelle to a Scrapbooking overnight. I had a blast. It was the first time I've scrapbooked in over a year and a half! I have the itch, just need the time to sit down & do it!

Mollie~She is busy at school, and doing very well I might add. We had our very first Parent Teacher confrences last week. It's really hard not to scream "YES" when the teacher tells you that your daughter is the most polite 5 year old she knows. Mollie loves school & I am AMAZED at everything she has learned so far! She's still in Sunday School, but soccer is done for the season. I think that she & Rob had a really good time doing that together this year. Mollie & I started a Girl Scout troop together this Fall. She seems to enjoy it & is making new friends. Look out, we'll hit you up for cookies in February!

Ava~ Surgery went very well. The recovery took a bit longer than we expected. She had to stay an extra day in the hospital because she wasn't taking any fluids & her oxygen levels would drop while she was sleeping. They got both of those under control & we were able to go home on Saturday. She has healed up nicely & is eating better & better everyday. She was super excited to go back to Char's after she was healed up. I think that mom's, dad's & Grandma's are fun, but other kids are always best!

Elleh~ 6 months already! Where does the time go?!? We have 2 pearly whites that poked through on the bottom over the weekend. I caught her up on all fours the other day. It won't be long. She is such a happy baby. Well most of the time. When she's teething, has wet pants, or is hungry, look out world!

Well, that's our story in a nut shell. I'll update more as often as I can! I hope that everyone is doing well & is happy & healthy!

Love to all!